We work on the cutting edge of technical know-how and digital visualization techniques. We combine our knowledge of matters in engineering and information sharing with modern imaging technology, including in 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality. Thus, we bring your product to life, both in print and digitally, for your customers.


DDCOM focuses on teamwork. Our specialists are well educated, have plenty of experience, are flexible and have a no-nonsense mentality. We do not bother with account managers; the specialists themselves act as the contact person. That keeps our prices competitive and ensures direct communication, no middle-men, and in the end, outstanding service. That works. Our relations with valued clients have existed for years.


Choose DDCom; our cost-aware and integrated approach


Our preferred and most efficient work is done with existing 3D CAD information. 2D illustrations and pictures [of components] lend themselves to the modulating of a 3D model. Missing or unavailable component parts can be drawn, in order to finish the 3D model. That model then goes to one of our animation specialists, who processes the model according to your requirements and gives it the desired functionality, interactivity, and finishing touches.

Our 3D illustrators and animation specialists work closely with each other. Thus, no valuable time is wasted. Our integrated approach also ensures for a substantial cost reduction, comparable to specialized studios. All of our employees have a broad technical knowledge, meaning that only a minimum amount of instruction is necessary and thus, that the lead-time is as short as possible. We can call upon the didactic experience of our in-house experts, which adds value to the animation of instructions, training, and education.


The rendering of large files at high resolution is absolutely not a problem for our capacity. Because we integrate our capabilities, the possible applications are simple and cost-effective to combine, from marketing communications to instructional videos and from service training to instructions aimed at customers. Through this integrated approach, animations are accessible to more limited budgets.



In 1973 our predecessor, Van Dulmen CAD-Illustraties, started with drawing technical illustrations, product photography, and presentation. In 1993 DOCpoint was founded, which specialized in technical documentation and training. In 2002, the two companies fused, and since, we have been active as The Dutch Documentation Company. DDCom stands for a wealth of knowledge and experience in every kind of information sharing.

From high tech small and medium sized companies to publicly-listed multinationals, our clients develop and create products for which effective information sharing to the consumer is essential. From automobiles and machines to electronic consumer goods, from military equipment to lighting, and from heating devices to educational products, we bring the essential information in view.

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