We create linear as well as interactive animation. Especially the latter category is popular. The interactive animation can, for example, simulate how to operate a product and show the results of various actions; it is the ideal product trainer.

Moreover, interactive animations can also be an excellent sales tool, by allowing the client to select or configure the product, including even the desired colour scheme and model. The interactive animations can also be done with 3D-CAD data. In other words, we can already start working on the product before it actually is developed.

In our portfolio you will see many Adobe Flash products, which can be viewed on any standard PC or laptop. However, we make new products with the newest market standard program HTML5, which also works on smartphones and tablets.


NEFIT Interactive user manual

DAF XF interiorviewer

DAF Seat Programme


DAF Seatprogramme

Defensie runway sweeper

introductory training

NACCO Lifting diagram

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